McDonald's - Netherland

Working for McDonalds Netherlands together with the content and community team at DDB Tribal Worldwide. I worked with the visual design for the Facebook page and the main site. Creating Facebook post and coverphotos. I made in total over 40 posts.

Bacon Clubhouse

National cup finale turned the bacon clubhouse box into a mini clubhouse.

Math Exams

McDonalds created a text question for the up and coming national math exams.

McFlurry 15 Years

McFlurry turned 15, Fans could vote back a previous flavour. Generated over 40000 likes.

Champions League Final

The Dubble Cheese grand deluxe was in the spotlight during the UCL finale.

Family Day

Visual all made from a blank document. Competition to win a family dinner.

Original Image
Modified Image

This is an example of the work that can go in to a Facebook post. To promote the new bacon clubhouse hamburger, did we take advantage of the cupfinal of between two teams from the Neatherland. Creating a fotball clubhouse made from the hamburgerbox, with the fotball fans gathering around.